Saturday, 9 June 2012

Many story after long time no see :)

Hai Asslamualaikum for all readers ~
wait a minute *answer my greeting please ^^ okay good love you xoxo ~
The day is getting late but im not feel sleepy , act its normal right when no class fer tomorrow .
ocay firstly , dah lama kan tak hupdet blog ni . rasa malas pulak . setan apa yg menghasut ta tao .nak cerita pasal ape erk memula . okay cerite yg tak sabar sangat i nak cerita bout my result . hoorey , finally i got it ! My 1st sem result is bad n i feel like wanna cry . guess wut ? i dah menangis pun masa tu Haha . act tak lah teruk sangat but maybe i feel so dissapointed . yeah its all my fault . i just wanna be fun n enjoy . but now , i feel really happy n its also make me cry bcoz of happiness . my pointer rising from 2.7 to 3.5 something Hehe ~ I got DL ! Hehe sukanya .
Hope pointer boleh maintain je macam tu , tapi sem kali ni banyak dugaan dengan lecturer problem ,short sem lagi , assignment OB dgn PRM belum dapat lagi . Its make me Distress ! How can i increase my pointer if the situation like ... urghhh damn shit ! okay forget bout it , realise my mind wif another story :)

Yeah its maybe make me happy when i can go back Batu Pahat . Cant forget that moment . meet my gurlfie . but , im feel sad when cant hangout wif them because everyone busy wif their own work , life n everything . But I still can Hangout wif my Ex , have fun wif his family , eat together , karaoke wif his friends n many more .Terasa bahagia bila diri dihargai , walaupun bukan dengan si dia dengan kawan kawan dah bermadai . Everything is ended ,past is past. we can’t rewind right ?  just face it and move on. let by gone be by gone :) Hope i will find someone that deserve to stay in my side forever . Its not important for me right now . i just wanna feel the pleasures of life . Allah knows everything . In Sya Allah , we will get the best .

Lastly Hope u'll enjoy wif ur life . Im always wish if could return back time , i will take care our relationship like romeo n juliet . u'll treat me nice like princess . Haha all those are just dreams . I'll never couldn't return back time . just praying to deserve better n happy life . Jodoh dan pertemuan ditangan Allah kan ~ Kita hanya mampu berserah serta usaha . Thats all from me , wish you good Night all readers . it was getting late . Byebye . Assalamualaikum :*